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Leadership Washington Co.

Building business leaders, community leaders, and professional networks.

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What is Leadership Washington Co. ?

Leadership Washington Co. builds business leaders, builds community leaders, and builds professional networks. Our program runs annually from September through May and includes monthly day-long sessions designed to build leadership skills while learning about the various facets of Washington County. It uses both experiential classroom-based learning as well as practical exposure to the various government, academic, non-profit, and corporate institutions that make up our county.

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Who Should Sign Up for the Program?

LWC welcome leaders in all stages of their professional career. We are interested in managers who want to positively change Washington County communities and business. LWC encourage paticipation from both the public and private sectors buiness and develops cross functional project team for creatvitivty and dirverse views.

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How Does My Company Become a Sponsor?

Companies who support LWC experience the benefit of the personal and professional growth of their employees, which in turn leads to greater effectiveness in the workplace and more significant community leadership. Start making a difference in the Washington County Community and become a sponsor today!

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99% of participants felt they would recommend Leadership Washington County to a friend or colleague after completing the program (according to 2015-2019 Class Final Survey).

Leadership Washington Co. Testimonials

"The LWC program has been a more intellectually broadening course than I anticipated. I expected some leadership training and knowledge about participation on nonprofit boards. But I learned so much more about different aspects of Washington County that I would have experienced otherwise. LWC has given me information and tools to be a better leader in my career and in my community." - Dominic Tarella of Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania

"As a military retiree moving back to my hometown, it’s difficult to figure out how to make a difference in the community, especially when the community is so diverse. Leadership Washington County allowed me to first, connect with local leaders in the community; and second, understand what other professions in the community do and how we can interact in these different professional LWC is a tool that connects current leaders to build the communities of tomorrow." - Todd Thornburg Executive Director of the Washington County Conservation District

"Like ripples in a pond, strong leadership in Washington County’s for-profit and nonprofit sectors has far-reaching effects on the lives of its citizens. To maintain a thriving Washington County, it is imperative that those who undertake leadership roles understand the inter-relation and importance of both. They must act with integrity and mindfulness of how their decisions can positively or negatively impact not only their own organizations, but how the ripple effect of those decisions extend and influence Washington County citizens of every socio-economic level." - Aaron W. Smith, Esq., PEACOCK KELLER, LLP

"The Leadership Washington County educates participants on all the unique opportunities, businesses and industries in Washington County. The program is also a great opportunity to meet new leaders in Washington County and focus on personal development. I more strongly appreciate and have a greater sense of pride in Washington County after completing the program and I would 100% suggest Leadership Washington County to other current and up-and-coming leaders in the community."" - Sarah M. Perry, Community Engagement Manager, Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania & Maryland

Leadership Washington County was an extremely valuable experience for me both personally and professionally. I greatly benefited from being able to develop my best self as a leader, and I am confident that the strategies and philosophies discussed throughout the program will positively impact me and my colleagues. Additionally, the amount of unique, first-hand experiences across multiple sectors of Washington County business, entertainment and community were phenomenal; I walked away from every single class with something new and of value. - Matthew Stultz, Corporate Relations and Communication Specialist, Waynesburg University

What's New

New Small Business Scholarship - Sponsored by Campbell Insurance

Don't forget to apply for the LWC Small Business Scholarship! You can download more information about the scholarship here. Apply here!