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2017 - 2018 Community Class Project

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From humble beginnings come great things. It's the American dream. At Junior Achievement, we believe to truly inspire the region's young people we must build a bridge from their classroom to the future. We also believe that any path to success is paved by a sound base of financial literacy, meaningful workplace experiences, entrepreneurial skills and real role models who can show kids how to harness the vision to excel. JA uses turn-key, standards aligned curriculum to provide students with a solid foundation in money management, careers and business ownership. With role models in the form of corporate and community volunteers, JA programs help our students make the connection between classroom theory and real world application. JA has the means, methodology, the pedigree and the scientifically proven approach to reset the trajectory of our next generation of workers, leaders and consumers.

Legacies Alive (LA), is a non-profit organization whose mission is to strengthen and support the Gold Star families of our nation’s fallen heroes and brings national awareness to the life and character of all service members (and their families) who paid the ultimate sacrifice. Founded by combat veterans, we feel a special connection with these families and are especially committed to our cause.

Legacy Projects celebrate the lives of the fallen as members of the families and communities in which they so intimately touched. Legacies Alive recognizes that in addition to fighting for our freedom, every fallen hero was also part of their family and community. We work alongside these families to create Legacy Projects, that not only celebrate these heroes’ sacrifice, but also who they were as members of their families and communities.

We at Legacies Alive believe Gold Star families are the only ones who fully understand the burden they will forever endure. We feel it is our duty as an organization to build upon the support system around these families, therefore we host Legacy Events that allow Gold Star family members to connect with our team, meet other Gold Star family members and talk about the legacies of their fallen heroes.

Legacies Alive (LA)

City of Washington Citywide Development Center (CDC) The Washington Citywide Development Corporation (WCDC) is a community based non-profit corporation whose purpose is to promote economic growth, neighborhood revitalization, the creation of employment opportunities and the enhancement of the quality of life in the Washington area. In 2016/2017, the WCDC has remediated a brownfield residential lot in preparation for two affordable housing units; collected data in the downtown business district and west end. We conducted citizen and stakeholder round tables to formulate a green space plan. Rehabbed two homes and collaborated on 10 home refresh projects and a playground clean up. As we plan for 2018, we hope to engage additional communities and projects.