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LWC Masterclass Sessions

Providing education and professional networking opportunities to a diverse group of leaders in our community

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LWC is excited to announce the launch of its Masterclass programming. Masterclasses are an extension of our commitment to developing strong leaders in the community. The focus of the Masterclass is to provide education and professional networking opportunities to a diverse group of leaders to positively influence others in Southwestern PA.

Since 1998, LWC has brought together current and future leaders who are making an immediate and lasting impact on our community. Our Masterclass programming enables us to continue this inclusion by offering leadership training for career professionals of any age or background.

We are offering three types of Masterclass programs to extend our reach into the community. Each segment offers purposeful content relating to thought leadership, authenticity, and personal influence. The intent is to promote personal growth for any individual, no matter the level of leadership experience, our program will help elevate leadership across our region.


Designed for experienced leaders in the community, to help ELEVATE management skills by learning new approaches for leading and cultivating team excellence. These sessions have one-on-one decision-making, communication, strategy, and emotional intelligence skills.

Creating a Sense of Belonging: Connecting with Purpose: We all want to belong. We want to have meaningful connections to others to help us learn and grow. Stephanie Masters and Pete Schramm will share their strategies to define what it means to belong and how to further develop your connections to those that can help you achieve your professional goals. They will discuss how to define your purpose to connect with intention and build the right network to grow both personally and professionally.

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Designed to help women discover their authenticity and presence in the workplace. Inclusive and interactive, EMPOWER helps accelerate leadership skills, career development, and allies to enhance professional influence and rise above barriers.


Designed for individuals making the transition from a self-leader to a leader of others. EMERGE focuses on transitioning professionals into management by providing a foundation for becoming an effective and impactful leader. This class also emphasizes the importance of accountability, influence and self-awareness.

Our Masterclasses are customizable for each segment. Through these classes, new, existing, and prospective leaders will have the tools and resources needed to meet the new expectations, communicate effectively, build strategic relationships, and grow and develop as future leaders of any organization.